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There's not much to say about me,  I just love TV shows.I never expected to become such a tv fans , it all started with just a couple shows and as time went on it just grew and grew
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Due to the changes this week, most members are probably confused as what episode have been updated so i decided to provide List of Updated episode this week.Monday 29 July 2019City on the hill 1x07The Rook 1x05Jett 1x03Claw 3x08Tuesday 30 July 2019Euphoria 1x07Divorce 3x05Grand Hotel1x ...
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Play the movie in HD the audio seem fine on that
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I tried to post it the list but somehow it didn't work. it took me almost an hour.I never got this message before. it must log me out and when i posted it.[ Last edited by bala at 7-27-2019 15:15 ]
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send a direct PM to IBJ.
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